How Titans' New Blackfire Actress Made an Impact on DC Universe

The second season of Titans continues to expand the franchise in interesting ways, focusing on the legacies and familial bonds to reveal new details about the key characters of the show. But one of the main characters in the series has to deal with a disturbing reunion, forced to choose between her own legacy and the friends she's made in recent years. Starfire is pushed to return to Tamaran, though she decides to stick around on Earth and help Rachel Roth (AKA Raven) and Dick Grayson in their attempts to maintain some semblance of normalcy after their collision with Trigon.

But in the latest episode of Titans called "Atonement," we see Koriand'r's own family ties come back to haunt her, as her sister Blackfire attempts to force her into an alliance or, possibly, die. And now, Blackfire has finally made her debut on the series in a major way.

ComicBook spoke with Damaris Lewis, the actress who is playing Blackfire on the DC Universe series, and found out more about her big debut on the new episodes of Titans.

"I get to play someone who doesn't fit in. And I say that because, especially looking at the world right now, I think a lot of people are waking up to the fact that they don't necessarily fit in," Lewis explained. "And I always say legends don't fit in, good and bad, legends never fit in. Anybody whose name you know, you know because they don't fit in. So playing someone who — even though it wasn't the nicest decision, obviously — playing someone who recognized that she didn't fit in and recognized that she wouldn't be comfortable with the way things were, was really appealing to me and an honor to be able to portray that with empathy and really getting down to the root of the kind of beauty of being different and just being honored to play someone who's just so different."

The character is set to play a major role as we get into the final episodes of Titans Season 2, but the question is whether Starfire will face her destiny or if she'll leave her sister to rule on Tamaran and stay with her makeshift family on Earth.


We'll find out what happens as the second season of Titans continues on DC Universe with new episodes hitting the streaming service on Fridays.