Is Bryan Edward Hill Bringing Back The Question?

After he finishes his Black Lightning-centric arc on Detective Comics, will The Wild Storm: [...]

After he finishes his Black Lightning-centric arc on Detective Comics, will The Wild Storm: Michael Cray writer Bryan Edward Hill be tasked with returning The Question to the DC Universe?

It certainly seems that way, based on his response to a fan inquiry on Twitter.

Further down the thread, Hill dialed back the tease a little bit, telling artist Doc Shaner that the hint was "Just a dream of mine, Doc. Just a little 'ol dream." He told another fan that it was something he wanted to do, not something he was doing as yet.

The last time we saw The Question in DC Comics, it was as part of the mystical Trinity of Sin, which also included The Phantom Stranger and Pandora.

Prior to that, the original Question (Vic Sage) had died during 52 and was replaced by Renee Montoya, a longtime Gotham City cop.

Created by Steve Ditko in Charlton's Blue Beetle #1, The Question often delved into objectivist territory, the Ayn Rand-inspired philosophy to which Ditko subscribes. When the Charlton characters were adapted as Watchmen, The Question served as the loose template for Rorschach.

Late last year, Arrow executive producer Marc Guggenheim said he would still like to get The Question on the CW hit eventually.

During the DCTV panel at ACE Comic Con in Long Island today, Guggenheim talked about how the crossover "Crisis on Earth-X" included new characters, such as The Ray from the CW Seed series Freedom Fighters: The Ray. When Guggenheim was asked about other characters he'd like to see come to Arrow, the showrunner had an unsurprising answer: The Question.

"I've made no secret of the fact one day I would love to see The Question on Arrow," Guggenheim said. "I think The Question is just tailor made for Arrow. I've always felt that."

Fans will have to wait a while to see whether Hill, or Guggenheim, or both, get to use the character.