Is Rick Famuyiwa Going To Direct A DC Comics Movie?


Over at BatmanNews, writer Chris Begley believes he may have deduced the identity of an upcoming DC movie director.

That would be Dope filmmaker Rick Famuyiwa, who seems to have just started following a number of prominent DC Entertainment well as longtime The Flash writer Mark Waid.

On Twitter, Begley reports that Famuyiwa followed, in this order, DC Comics, Geoff Johns, Wonder Woman, Gal Gadot, Suicide Squad, Zack Snyder, Ben Affleck, Ray Fisher, and Jason Momoa.

They argue, basically, that along with Mark Waid, this could be an indicator that Famuyiwa is working with DC on an upcoming project -- perhaps even stepping into the shiny yellow boots of departed The Flash director Seth Grahame-Smith.

...I can't argue the logic. Certainly it isn't conclusive, but it's fairly compelling, as circumstantial evidence goes.

No wonder those guys are the Worlds' Greatest Detective...'s fansite.

That said, a movie based on The Flash that used Mark Waid's work as an inspiration could be a great step in the right direction for DC's Extended Universe. The fan-favorite writer's run on The Flash is arguably the best-received in the character's history -- likely neck and neck in recent memory with Geoff Johns's own time on the title.


Before the critical success of Dope, Famuyiwa helmed movies like The Wood, Brown Sugar, and Our Family Wedding. He also made Confirmation, an HBO movie about the Clarence Thomas confirmation hearings, in which the current Supreme Court Justice's nomination was challenged in part because of allegations of sexual harassment.

Given that Famuyiwa's previous filmography has been primarily focused on the African-American experience, there's already speculation on social media that he could look to make Cyborg -- but a superhero film of any kind would be a big divergence from type, so assuming that he'd be making a movie "like" his others may be a fallacy.