'Arrow': It Really Seems Like OIiver Queen is Going to Prison

We are still two weeks out from the season six finale of Arrow, but there is a lot of potential intel out there that could give fans an idea as to what's going on.

One big one: Stephen Amell himself tweeted that in the finale, he is "wearing the exact same wardrobe I wore in episode 105. On purpose."

There were a number of outfits Amell wore in the fifth season of Arrow's first season, although the one that stands out is a prison jumpsuit, since at that point in the season Oliver was in jail on suspicion of being The Hood (a proto-version of Green Arrow).

Since the episode is titled "Life Sentence," and the weeks leading up to it have seen Oliver impeached, arrested, and now put on trial for being the Green Arrow, the assumption that a conviction is forthcoming is a fairly commonsense one.

The obvious implication of Oliver's conviction would be that Ricardo Diaz, the season's big bad and now a member of the mafia supergroup The Quadrant, is unlikely to be arrested or killed at the end of this season. Instead, it seems likely that Diaz, now in control of organized crime in the city as well as pulling the strings for dirty cops and corrupt politicians, will find himself at odds with whatever remains of Team Arrow next season.

With Diggle having left Team Arrow behind to join up with ARGUS, the ultra-secret military organization headed by his wife, it seems likely they will have something to say about the rise of Diaz in a city where they tend to do so much business.

"ARGUS has always been kind of been working in the background even when we didn't know it, much like SHIELD is always around in the Marvel universe," David Ramsey, who plays John Diggle, told ComicBook.com. "So it wasn't by accident that it came up in the late part of the season. They'll be very involved in wrapping up to our finale and into season seven."

Heading into season seven, then the question becomes where the show goes from there. A stint on Task Force X, ARGUS's personal Suicide Squad, might seem like an obvious way to get Oliver out of prison and put him shoulder to shoulder with Diggle again. On the other hand, a planned Green Arrow feature film that never came to pass centered around the idea of Oliver recruiting a group of villains to help him break out of a maximum security prison after a wrongful conviction.


...Now that is an interesting idea...!

Arrow airs on Thursday nights at 9 p.m. ET/PT, following episodes of Supernatural on The CW.