'iZombie' Season 4 Adds 'The Walking Dead' Alum Daniel Bonjour

daniel bonjour izombie

iZombie will be entering a brave new world in season four, and it looks like another cast member will be joining the ride.

Daniel Bonjour will be appearing in a recurring role in the fan-favorite The CW series, according to TVLine. He will reportedly be playing Levon, a documentary filmmaker who is chronicling Seattle's new undead reality.

Bonjour is best known for portraying Aiden Monroe on The Walking Dead, and for appearing on Teen Wolf and The CW's Frequency.

According to the report, Levon will be following a new side effect to Seattle's zombie haven: human smugglers. These smugglers will be bringing terminally ill humans into Seattle, in hopes of them being scratched and surviving as a zombie.

Bonjour's role will certainly introduce a new angle of iZombie's new world - something showrunner Rob Thomas hinted to ComicBook.com earlier this year.


"Seattle is going to be like living in West Berlin, and inside here, there are going to be these humans who are willing to try to live peacefully side-by-side with zombies, there are going to be humans who are incredibly resentful of zombies," Thomas explained. "There are going to be zombies who consider eating humans when they get hungry. It is a city barely under control, and meanwhile, they're still trying to have buses run on time and mail get delivered and murders get solved, and Chase Graves is trying to keep it running. Liv is still going to be solving murders, but the city itself is going to feel very, very different."

iZombie season four will premiere in 2018.