'iZombie' Season 4: Politics Will Come between Liv and Major

Now that Liv (Rose McIver) and Major (Robert Buckley) are both zombies, some iZombie fans likely [...]

Now that Liv (Rose McIver) and Major (Robert Buckley) are both zombies, some iZombie fans likely expect (or at least hope) that some of the drama that has come between them since Liv had her life-changing night at the boat party could be put behind them, and that the couple fans have rooted for since the opening moments of the series might finally have a chance at a normal life together.

Unfortunately, McIver told reporters during a recent visit to the set, the drastic changes faced by Seattle in tonight's premiere do not make Liv and Major's problems disappear; they merely twist them into something else.

"I think [they] have some very fundamental disagreements politically," said McIver. "I think they really don't necessarily sit on the same opinion, so while she loves him, and they've been dear friends despite everything, I think it's like it would be in real life where if something is happening in the government -- and it's not too hard to sort of imagine in your own world -- and you disagree with your partner, it's very divisive and very isolating. So Liv and Major still have a deep fondness for each other, but definitely politics get in the way for them this year."

The couple have been through a lot together: in the show's first season, Liv broke off her engagement with Major after learning that she was a zombie. She did not want to endanger him, or even to let him in on her secret -- which turned into a real problem when Major, a youth advocate investigating a string of disappearances affecting the homeless youth in his shelter, discovered that the abductors were zombies, and set out to destroy them all.

Later, after he was nearly killed in the finale, Liv saved him by scratching him, turning him into a zombie against his will. This would drive them apart for a while, and as soon as Ravi developed a theoretical cure, Major was one of the first people it was given to. He ended up hunting zombies at the insistence of the very company whose energy drink had caused the Seattle outbreak to begin with, leading to Major leading a secret double life in an inversion of Liv's season one secrets.

All throughout this, the pair had other loves -- most notably Major's friend Natalie, whom he cared about enough that when she left the series he continued to pine after her until she returned. They also had some, ahem, romantic troubles, when Major was human, since the zombie virus is so small that it can permeate any condom known to man.

Will the pair finally end up together, or will politics be the thing that finally drives them apart for good?

iZombie returns tonight, and airs on Monday nights at 9 p.m. ET/PT on The CW.