Jared Leto Says He Never Watched 'Suicide Squad'

Jared Leto has been in plenty of films, but it doesn’t look like the actor cares to watch himself in action. The actor has said before he’s not one to see his own films, and it appears Suicide Squad is no exception.

During a recent interview with SyFy Wire, Leto opened up about his refusal to watch his own performances. It was there the actor said he never actually saw Suicide Squad in its entirety, and the actor doesn’t have any plans to do so.

"As soon as you watch it, that's when it becomes subjective," Leto said. The actor also said he had not watched his Oscar-winning performance in Dallas Buyers Club either.

"No, I never did," Leto said, nodding to the critically acclaimed film. “I just think with watching your own films, it can be too self-conscious of a process. You either like what you did and you're prone to repeat it, or you didn't like it, and it can make you self-conscious. I'm not sure how much win there is for me. But I read the scripts, so I know what's going to happen."


According to Leto, he has only made a select few exceptions to his no-watching rule. The actor says he did watch his bit in Requiem for a Dream, and he plans on watching Blade Runner 2049 at some point.

Leto may not have any interest in watching Suicide Squad, but plenty of DC fanatics did. The film was met with mixed reviews, but it became a commercial success despite its reception. Leto’s take on the Joker was one of the movie’s most controversial parts, but the villain did not get enough screen time to impress fans. The actor will reprise his role as the Joker in future films like a Harley Quinn & Joker spin-off, so Leto will have another chance to win fans over when the iconic baddie makes a comeback.

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