Joker Director Reveals When Tickets Go On Sale

It's been a relatively quiet year for DC Comics movies in 2019, but that does not mean its uneventful. After the major success of Shazam! earlier this year, Warner Bros. Pictures is following that up with a much different and darker story focused on Batman's greatest villain. While some people have been fortunate enough to see the film at various film festivals around the world, now it's the public audience's turn, because tickets are finally going on sale for the highly anticipated Joaquin Phoenix movie Joker.

Joker has been one of the most highly anticipated movies of the Fall movie season, and director Todd Phillips just revealed when tickets will finally go on sale.

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(Photo: Instagram)

According to Phillips, "to my knowledge tickets go on sale this Monday Sept 23 9am EST."

The people involved with Joker are excited about the movie they're making, and director Todd Phillips made it clear that he's not intending to give people a regular experience at the theaters — he wants to leave them speechless.

"I find it difficult to talk immediately after, a lot of films, this film in particular for me," Phillips said to ComicBook's Brandon Davis. "I found that as we've shown it to people, even when I just bring somebody to the editing room and show it to a friend, a film maker friend, whoever. And then you go, and it's over, and then, they need time, a little bit, to sort of process it honestly in a way."

He added, "I always enjoy movies that are difficult to speak about right after. You go 'You know, I want to process this a little bit.' I always find those to be particularly rewarding in a way. It's not like that was a specific goal, but it is something that I always enjoy about movies, where you can't necessarily distill it down into a one line thing really simply. So, yeah, I suppose it was somewhat of a goal."


The movie is earning a ton of buzz from critics and fans who have been fortunate enough to see it. And with less than a month until the movie premieres in theaters, it won't be long until we get to see the movie for ourselves. So get ready to buy your tickets next week.

Joker premieres in theaters on October 4th, 2019.