Joker Returning to IMAX Theaters for One Week

The record-smashing box office run for Joker is nearly over, but it looks like the folks at DC and Warner Bros. are making one last push to get the popular movie to audiences before the giant holiday blockbusters arrive. Movies like Jumanji: The Next Level and Star Wars: The Rise of Skywalker are going to be dominating IMAX and other premium format theaters for the rest of the year, so Joker is taking the opportunity to occupy that space the seven days before their arrival.

Joker director Todd Phillips took to Instagram on Thursday to announce that Joker would be returning to IMAX theaters on Friday, December 6th for one additional week. He used the post to tell fans that loved Joker that this would be their final chance to really experience it on the big screen.

"Starting Friday (12/6) we are back on IMAX screens across the country," Phillips wrote in the post. "Last chance to see it on the BIG SCREEN (in the best format)... Also thanks to [American Film Institute] for including Joker on the years 10 best. #Joker - we still here."

Even without the IMAX re-release, Joker has already experienced an incredible run at the box office. After opening on October 4th, Joker went on to cross the $1 billion threshold and become the highest-grossing R-rated film of all time, passing both Deadpool films.


What makes Joker's haul even more impressive is the film's budget, especially when compared to other comic book-inspired movies. Made for just over $60 million, Joker is quite easily the most profitable comic book movie in history.

What did you think of Joker? Will you be seeing it again when it's re-released in IMAX this weekend? Let us know in the comments!