Joker Fan Art Imagines Joaquin Phoenix as Oscar Statue

Joker is still riding high as it became the most profitable comic book movie of all-time this week. Now, one fan is asking, “Why stop there?” BossLogic is no stranger to superhero-themed art and his latest work on Instagram gives the Academy Award statue a Joker-esque makeover. That’s right he puts the facepaint seen around the world on the iconic award. The tilt of the statue is a nice touch along with the color palette to mimic that moment that Arthur Fleck is dancing in that bathroom during the movie. That kind of attention to detail is a huge reason why his work gets shown so much love all over the Internet. The funniest thing is, the film really does have a shot at all that awards season glory because of Joaquin Phoenix’s performance and that jaw-dropping performance at the box office.

Before the movie was even widely released, people thought Joker could snare some awards. The film now famously won the top prize at the Venice Film Festival. One Oscar voter surveyed by The Hollywood Reporter was described as a “female member of the members-at-large brance” was completely impressed with Joker.

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"I saw the film last night at the Landmark with another Academy member, and my stomach was still churning this morning,” she began. “It made me uncomfortable from the very first frame to the last, but I thought the movie was extraordinary. I didn't read anything about it beforehand, so I thought I was going to be getting, sort of, Batman. It's the most outstanding performance I've seen in many years — the way he moved, everything, I mean, he's really a consummate actor, and there's not a frame he's not on camera, too. What I don't understand is what everyone's all upset about? Just pick up the morning paper and see the asshole that's running our country if you want to worry about violence. It's still early, but I can certainly see myself nominating it for best picture. And he has to get nominated, or the actors branch doesn't know what it's doing."

Other voters have made an effort to avoid the film completely, while some have seen it and aren't seeing what all the hype is about. "I thought it was lacking a clear vision and overwrought,” one male member of the public relations/marketing branch mentioned. “This doom-and-gloom style has become tedious. Only [Michelle] Pfeiffer and [Danny] DeVito in [1992's] Batman Returns have truly balanced dark with light. This one didn't have a point of view on politics or class, and its depiction of mental illness was irresponsible. Joaquin was so over the top it became irritating. Todd's song choices were so on-the-nose they seemed offensive and not ironic. Does he not know 'Send in the Clowns' is a romantic ballad of regret and not actually about clowns?"

Will all of this bluster lead to an Oscar moment? Maybe so, but honestly after everything circling this film over the course of this year, that would make a ton of sense.