Joker Features an Awesome Callback to Batman: The Animated Series

DC Comics Joker movie is going to be a revolutionary release for the studio, and is now poised to be a major box office success, as well. However, the best part about Joker seems to be the sheer number of actual "Jokes" that director Todd Phillips has buried in the film, in the form of Easter egg references to many other pieces of Batman mythology.

We've already identified a major Batman v Superman Easter egg buried in one of Joker's most pivotal moments, as well as major hints that elements of Tim Burton's Batman (1989) may factor in, as well. Today, we have a nice visual Easter egg that connects Joker with Batman: The Animated Series!

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As you can see above, Joker's fictional late night talk show "Live! with Murray Franklin" uses a font in its logo that's an exact match for Batman: The Animated Series! As stated, it's just one more indication that Todd Phillips and Co. are working references (or "jokes) to various iterations of Batman lore on the page and/or screen.

A major part of Joker's storyline seems to revolve around the subplot of Arthur Fleck (Joaquin Phoenix) trying to make his way onto the late night show stage of Robert De Niro's Murray Franklin. Franklin is shown ragging on Fleck's attempt at stand-up comedy earlier in the film, but it seems that by the climatic act, Fleck will go full Joker and actually be granted an audience on Murray's show. We can only assume that performance doesn't end well for anyone - which could, again, be an ode to Joker's horrific late show appearance in Frank Miller's The Dark Knight Returns.

Critics have generally praised Joker for being an intense and frightening character study / work of cinema. However, the movie has also generated controversy for allegedly conveying a thematic message that could be seen as incendiary or anarchistic. The filmmakers are leaning into those negative reviews though - using them as more "jokes" to promote the film. If you want to learn more for yourself, check out our spoiler-free Joker review!


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