Joker Rating On Rotten Tomatoes Drops After Flurry Of Negative Reviews

A handful of negative remarks about the upcoming Joker movie have resulted in a slight drop for [...]

A handful of negative remarks about the upcoming Joker movie have resulted in a slight drop for the film's rating score on RottenTomatoes. After about a dozen negative reviews were added to the review aggregating site n Tuesday and Wednesday, the film's rating slipped to 77% positive. This is, oddly enough, through 77 reviews.

Despite rave reviews from well-respected critics, some writers are calling the movie "complete and utter trash" while the majority seem to believe it is an Oscar-worthy film. "The predictable and cold-hearted cynicism is not worth your time," another review reads. Others equate the film to real world events which make it scary, using their interpretation of social commentary as a means to rule the film as "rotten" on the site.

Joker did also have a few "fresh" reviews pop onto its resume, as well. One reviewer says the movie "unapologetically holds up a mirror in our divided modern times" with others Joaquin Phoenix's performance "a chilling performance that everyone will remember."'s official review of Joker is far from the negative remarks, giving the film a perfect score and praising it as a "masterpiece."

"Joker starts off slowly, meticulously allowing tremendous cinematography and a mesmerizing performance from Phoenix lead the charge," the review reads. "During this slow burn audiences will wonder where the movie could possibly be going but patience will be rewarding. As the movie and its titular character descend into madness simultaneously, the dark, twisted thriller takes off and never looks book. In fact, it's as if Joker takes a look at the darkest paths available and figures out creative ways to incorporate them into the same film. Some of those paths are so dark audiences won't possibly be able to see them coming and will find themselves in an uncomfortable emotional location along the journey."

As with all films, the best way to decide if it is good or not is to see it for yourself. Given the buzz around the already award-winning Joker, it seems like a lot of people are going to do just that next month.

Joker hits theaters on October 4.