'Justice League' Estimated For $150 Million Opening Weekend Box Office

Justice League has amassed some pretty epic expectations, and the latest opening weekend estimate can be taken in multiple ways.

Long range forecasts for Justice League have varied a bit, but the nest one from BoxOffice.com pegs the 3 day opening weekend for League at $150 million. Depending on your viewpoint of the DCEU, that might read as "oh that's higher than I expected" or "wow, what a disappointment".

You'd be right a bit in either camp, especially when you consider the other DCEU movies. Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice was forecasted for $154 million, and ended up bringing in $166 million. Suicide Squad also exceeded its forecast at $98 million with a surprising $133 million. Wonder Woman followed suit with a forecast of $83 million compared to an actual haul of $101 million.

With Justice League's $150 million prediction, it seems poised to go over estimates as well, but even if it hits $160 or $170 million, that might disappoint some who are looking for a more Avengers style opening of over $200 million.

Part of that is due to Justice League being one of the more, let's call it complicated productions in the DCEU. Rumors of big changes to story, vision, and characters have surrounded it, even before the director switch from Zack Snyder to Joss Whedon. If anything, Whedon's influence is probably be looked at as a positive rather than a negative.

Ironically the actual footage from the film has been mostly well received, with a really good showing at San Diego Comic Con this year. While some will never embrace a darker Batman, Ben Affleck's take on the character is mostly celebrated as well, so there were positive things to point towards even though Batman v Superman was disappointing overall.

Then came Wonder Woman, which finally brought the DCEU its first critical and commercial success. The film did a lot to establish some momentum for the universe, finding that perfect spot combination of serious tone and lighthearted humor, and Justice League looks to follow a similar pattern.

All of this factors into the opening weekend box office and the domestic box office predictions. The latter settles in at $330 million, which like the previous number will mean different things to different fans. That number would put it significantly under Wonder Woman's domestic performance at $411 million, though it would be right in line with Batman V Superman. The answer is likely somewhere in the middle, maybe around $360.

The DCEU is not riding on Justice League any longer, but it still needs to keep the momentum that it finally achieved with Wonder Woman.

Justice League hits theaters on November 17.




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