'Justice League': Ezra Miller Says Sitting in the Batmobile Is Orgasmic

In the upcoming Justice League film, Ezra Miller stars as Barry Allen, also known as the superhero "The Flash." A younger hero, Flash can't help but admire the esteemed Batman, an attitude which we've seen glimpses of in trailers. That enthusiasm towards other heroes is something the actor also exhibits, telling SFX Magazine that sitting in the Batmobile is an orgasmic experience.

"You know what it feels like sitting in the Batmobile?" Miller asked. "It's like an orgasm. It just ripples through your whole body. Oh my God."

The feeling of admiration isn't limited merely to the Dark Knight, as it seems as though Miller thought incredibly fondly of each one of his co-stars and their personal weapons.

"I would just touch Jason's [Momoa] trident all day," Miller joked. "He'd be like, 'Get off my trident!' I'll just touch Cyborg's glowing eye. Just gently caress the glowing eye, you know? The lasso, I was always grabbing the lasso. All the Bat gadgets...Man, it's awesome. F*cking awesome."

What makes the upcoming film so exciting is knowing just how much the cast adores their characters and their on-screen relationships, which Miller has made evident extends to their real-life interactions with one another.

Miller is one of the younger actors in the massive film, another similarity he shares with Allen.

"He's [like] the 13-year-old Metallica fan," Miller explained to Total Film recently, "and Metallica says, 'We lost our drummer in a freak accident. We need you to play drums, bro!' [And he's like] 'I don't even have drumsticks!'"

Based on trailers we've seen of the film, the narrative appears to show Batman (Ben Affleck) in pursuit of various heroes with specific skills to help him stop an incoming threat. Rather than Barry Allen being a reluctant member of the team, he's put in a class alongside Aquaman (Momoa), Wonder Woman (Gal Gadot) and Cyborg (Ray Fisher), which will serve to only inflate his ego further.


We'll see more of The Flash when Justice League hits theaters on November 17th.

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