'Justice League' Cast Reacting To Ben Affleck's Sexual Misconduct Joke Goes Viral

Embarking on a promotional tour to promote a film can be an exhausting process, as the cast and [...]

Embarking on a promotional tour to promote a film can be an exhausting process, as the cast and crew must regularly try to give journalists answers to questions they haven't shared dozens of times previously. Possibly in an attempt to appear self-deprecating during a recent interview promoting Justice League, Ben Affleck made a reference to the widespread reveals of sexual harassment and abuse going on in Hollywood, which stopped the interview dead in its tracks.

As you can see in the interview above, the journalist was taking the interview down a positive path, imploring the film's cast to share which other DC Comics superheroes they'd like to see join their ranks. From Zatanna to Supergirl to Black Canary, all of the cast's selections were female, seeing as Wonder Woman is the only female member of the team.

The journalist followed up the question by asking, "What would you get up to?" were any of these females to join the team, which Ray Fisher attempted to answer. Rather than let him explain how the dynamic of the team would change, Affleck tossed in his own two cents.

"Are you following the news at all?" he joked, possibly alluding to the potential implication that the characters would get up to something inappropriate. While Affleck chuckled at his response, the rest of the cast remained silent, with Fisher ignoring his response in an attempt to get the interview back on track.

As seen in the photos above, Ezra Miller, Henry Cavill and Jason Momoa could hardly contain their disappointment over Affleck's comments.

Following dozens of allegations about producer Harvey Weinstein's history of sexual harassment and abuse, Affleck was one of the first prominent actors in Hollywood to decry that behavior, which resonated even more strongly given that Weinstein's company Miramax had funded Affleck's Oscar-winning Good Will Hunting. Shortly after his statement, former MTV host Hilarie Burton took to social media to remind her fans about an incident, which was captured on-air, where Affleck had groped the host.

Affleck then went on to release another statement in hopes of making amends with Burton and the fans he had offended.

With Justice League hitting theaters on Friday, here's hoping there aren't any other opportunities for Affleck to offend anyone.