'Justice League' Concept Art Reveals Design For Apokolips Priests

Jerad S.Marantz, one of the concept artists who worked on Warner Bros.' Justice League, released some images on Instagram giving fans their best-yet look at the "Apocalypse Priests" that followed Steppenwolf around during the film's flashback to his battle against the three tribes of Earth.

In all likelihood, Marantz's reference to the characters as "Apocalypse priests" is just a misspelling of "Apokolips," the planet ruled by Steppenwolf's nephew Darkseid and home to the hordes of Parademons that make up Steppenwolf's army.

In the film, the characters are seen only briefly, and most hardcore comics fans noted their resemblance to the cloaked, slouching DeSaad, Darkseid's simpering right-hand man. Marantz does not mention this similarity, although fans in the comments of his two Instagram posts (embedded below) do.

Marantz's images are not the only concept art fans have seen for Justice League that never fully paid off in the film; extensive imagery for the worlds of Atlantis and Themyscira appeared in The Art of Justice League book that was released around the time of the film's release, and that combined with alternate looks at Steppenwolf, the Parademons and other Apokoliptian materials seems to suggest that there was once a broader, more mythical approach being taken to the movie that was more pared down.

Given the breadth, world-building and occasional lack of focus in Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice, the obvious conclusion to draw is likely that the bigger, more mythical Justice League departed along with director Zack Snyder.


Justice League is available now for digital download from services like Amazon, Vudu, and iTunes. The film will be available on Blu-ray and DVD March 13.