New 'Justice League' Image Previews Cyborg's Interface

Justice League is still little over a month away from release, and as we get closer to the film's debut, fans are getting a few more looks at the movie as well as its heroes. New promotional images are now offering fans a first look the interface Cyborg (Ray Fisher) uses.

We get a look at various settings from the film in a batch of images that popped up on Imgur on Wednesday, but of particular interest is one image from Cyborg's point of view, with a red-hued screen providing the young hero with a variety of information from data about his physical state as well as some information not quite clear enough to read. You can check out the image below.

justice league cyborg interface

While much of the information in the image is unreadable, it's worth noting that one piece of information is very clear in the interface image: the full moon.

Fans not familiar with Cyborg may be inclined to compare this interface to the one Tony Stark uses in his Iron Man suit, however the two characters are quite different. Teen Victor Stone, after being reduced to just a torso and being kept alive by machines following an accident, is transformed into the armored crime-fighter seen in trailers when his father merged Victor's body with the Mother Box, which cybernetically reconstructed the teen's body.


Fans will get to see Cyborg and his interface in action when Justice League opens in theaters November 17, 2017.

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