This Justice League Earring Set Gives You a Week of Heroic Looks

With this Justice League earrings set, you'll have a new hero to show off every day of the week. Well, almost. Even superheroes need at least one day off right?

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(Photo: Bioworld)

This 6-pack earring set from Bioworld is made of a zinc alloy with an enamel fill and includes classic symbol designs for Superman, Wonder Woman, Batman, Green Lantern, Aquaman, and The Flash. You can get them all right here for $21.99 shipped, which seems like a pretty good deal.


Still, the lack of a seventh member in this Justice League earring set leaves me feeling incomplete. Poor Martian Manhunter! Left out of the fun once again. These super cheap stud earrings on eBay are the only thing I could find that sort of works with the rest of the lineup. Maybe you'll be able to find something better on Etsy to fully complete the collection.