'Justice League's Ezra Miller Says He Was Inspired By Grant Morrison

There are few names more synonymous with comics than Grant Morrison, and fans will see his influence in Justice League in a surprising way.

It turns out Flash actor Ezra Miller is a huge fan of Morrison's work, which includes an incredibly popular run on Justice League. Miller had the chance to go over the character with Morrison, and he couldn't be happier about it.

"Grant Morrison is like the high priest of comic book and graphic novel writers," Miller told DC All Access. "Grant Morrison is my absolute favorite comic book author and the person who really shows me a way into this mythology and then a way through it into just the beautiful scope of everything. I mean, he goes quite deep. I've really been so inspired by his work."

Fans will recognize some familiar themes, including his constant fight to right past wrongs.

"This is certainly a recurring theme for the Flash through the character's history," Miller said. "The hero complex becomes even more complicated when space-time is malleable to this person's consciousness. So, it is the idea that you could have done something better, especially when you've gone through trauma, and even involved the most minor thing. You stub your toe and wish you could go to the moment before it happened, to when everything was okay and you did not stub your toe. Then of course you come into time travel and it gets tricky because of the butterfly effect. You had to stub your toe for that weather system to happen."

It's still pretty surreal for Miller and the entire cast that they are indeed bringing these heroes to life. Miller describes one of those surreal moments involving another comics legend, artist Alex Ross.


"I swear, I felt like I'd been blacking out and entering comic frames," Miller said. "It's very hard to describe the feeling when you look out at someone you know and see that Alex Ross painting in front of you, and it's these real people. There's this underlying knowledge of everything they've done and gone through to get to that place."

Fans will get to see Miller's Flash hit the screen when Justice League lands in theaters on November 17.

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