'Justice League' Releases Flash Origin Video

If you don't know The Flash by now, the makers of Justice League want you to get to know him - and quickly (pun). To further that end, and bring "Flash Week" to a close, Warner Bros. has released a Flash origin video to help newcomer fans get acquainted with Barry Allen/The Flash (Ezra Miller).

Check out the Justice League Flash origin video, below:

Videos like this are obviously simplified to help mainstream viewers get a handle on things; in actuality, The Flash's origins and exploits throughout years of DC Comics are a much more complicated (read: convoluted) knot to untangle.

What's interesting here is that Justice League has made Barry Allen the youthful, comedic relief character on the team, which is certainly a departure from what we know of the character from the comics or The Flash TV series. If anything, this depiction of Barry Allen hews a lot closer to the DC Comics version of Wally West, Barry's nephew who became The Flash throughout the 1990s, when Barry was thought to be dead.

Still, however, different doesn't equate to bad. Miller has already been a scene-stealer as both Barry and The Flash - and more importantly, he's already managed to distinguish himself from the version of Barry Allen played by Grant Gustin in the popular Flash TV series.


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Catch Justice League in theaters on November 17th.