'Justice League' Gets an Honest Trailer

Justice League hit digital release last week ahead of DVD and Blu-ray offerings in March, which [...]

Justice League hit digital release last week ahead of DVD and Blu-ray offerings in March, which makes it a perfect time for the folks over at Screen Junkies to give the most recent DC Films offering the Honest Trailer treatment.

If you know anything about superhero movies at all, even just that they are a thing in the world, you probably know that Justice League has a complicated history leading up to a big disappointment for fans. The DC superhero team up film was eagerly anticipated by fans who were cautiously optimistic that Warner Bros. might have finally learned the lessons of the disappointing Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice. After Zack Snyder had to step away from Justice League, the studio brought Joss Whedon on board and between Whedon's success with Marvel's The Avengers and with the massive success of Wonder Woman for Warner Bros. and DC Films just a few months before, there was a lot of potential for Justice League to be amazing.

Unfortunately, it wasn't and that's exactly what the Honest Trailer spends more than six minutes humorously pointing out.

"Somewhere between the awful Suicide Squad and the excellent Wonder Woman a new DC movie will get it sorta down the middle," the trailer starts before cutting right to the heart of Warner Bros. failings. "But when the best comic book characters ever unite for a film that's just okay...you blew it. Again! How does this keep happening?" You can check out the trailer above.

Like pretty much every Honest Trailer before it, the Justice League installment accurately points out many of the criticisms that audiences and reviewers had for Justice League, from the uneven look of the film (the jokes about how everything is just so orange are painfully accurate) to the observations of just how reliant the movie is on really bad CGI to the nightmare that is Henry Cavill's digitally erased mustache ("his weird fake baby mouth" may just be the best line in the trailer,) Screen Junkies pulls no punches. They even joke that they wish Warner Bros. would release "the Snyder cut" that fans keep going on about before acknowledging that the Snyder cut might just be a "made up fanboy pipe dream."

Even for the humor, the Honest Trailer stays true to the issues that kept Justice League from being the successful film many hoped it would be. Justice League brought in a disappointing $228.6 million at the domestic box office over the course of its entire theatrical run. To put that number in perspective, Marvel's latest offering, Black Panther made $242 million in its opening weekend alone.

Justice League is currently available for download on digital platforms like iTunes, Amazon, and Vudu. The DVD and Blu-ray will be available in stores on March 13.