'Justice League' Dubbed Versions Delayed In India Due To Censor Board

The Justice League is meant to protect the entire planet from any threat that aims to hurt its [...]

The Justice League is meant to protect the entire planet from any threat that aims to hurt its citizens, while the Justice League movie is also meant to be in service of fans all around the world. Unfortunately, fans in India hoping to enjoy a dubbed version of the film will have to wait, as an error by the Censor Board failed to certify the film in time to debut alongside the English-language release.

With the rise of superhero films over the last few years, studios have begun releasing their movies in more countries across the world to coincide with the American release. In India, American films getting dubbed in Hindi, Tamil and Telugu have been quite successful, as demonstrated by The Jungle Book, The Avengers series and Fast & Furious series. The movie is screening in the country, but the English-language version is only in a limited release.

The sheer volume of big-budget blockbusters hitting theaters each year has completely altered the landscape of theatrical releases, as movies no longer aim for long-term goals of making money and instead focus on making as much money as quickly as possible. For example, Thor: Ragnarok opened just two weeks ago to the tune of $122.7 million and this weekend is expected to take in closer to $30 million, which is nearly a 75% drop.

Based on current projections, Justice League could use all the money it can get, as it's on track to take in less than $100 million in its opening weekend, making it the smallest debut of the DC Extended Universe.

In addition to falling short of its own releases, an opening of less than $100 million could signal trouble for the DCEU when compared to the successes of Marvel Studios.

DC Comics and Marvel Entertainment have had a friendly rivalry for decades, with each company earning wins and suffering losses. While one company's film might shine, another might fail, and when one TV series flops, another becomes a sensation.

Comparing a Marvel film to a DC film will result in unfair data, as you might as well be comparing apples to oranges. With Justice League, however, we can compare its metric to Marvel's The Avengers, as they both featured a culmination of multiple solo films. Considering Avengers opened to over $200 million, we know Justice League won't reach those numbers, and it also potentially won't even reach the same numbers as Thor's third solo film, potentially solidifying Marvel Studios' domination when it comes to feature films.

Justice League is in theaters now.

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