Justice League: Jason Momoa Reveals Where The Idea For Aquaman's Tattoos Came From

Aquaman has already won over fans in the Justice League trailers, in part because of his striking tattoos and long hair, something that stood out from the comic book design.

That idea originated from the mind of Justice League director Zack Snyder, though Aquaman actor Jason Momoa did get some say in how his character looked on screen (via DC All Access).

"Zack [director Zack Snyder] had the idea to put the tattoos everywhere and everyone wanted him to have a little bit of blonde in the hair," Momoa said. "I just wanted him to have the Van Gogh green-colored eyes, where you can kind of get lost in them. You're scared by it, but you're drawn in. We put the contacts in, and I was like, wow. It's kind of scary, but hopefully not too scary."

While Snyder came up with the idea, costume designer Michael Wilkinson is responsible for bringing that vision to life. He's also the one who built the actual Aquaman costume, which Momoa has nothing but positive things to say about.

"Out costume designer, Michael Wilkinson, is just unbelievable," Momoa said. "As far as the armor, it's just gold and green and about 40 pounds of rubber. I don't know what it's made out of, really, but it's heavy; it looks good; you put it on and just sink right into the character."

The character of Aquaman is one torn between two worlds, neither of which fully accept him. This was not too hard to grasp for Momoa, whose own background contained some of that as well.

"There's a lot I could identify with because I was born in Hawaii and then raised in Iowa, which made me feel like an outcast. Aquaman's half and half. He was not accepted in Atlantis, but also doesn't fit in with the surface world So, he lives in those tides. He's very defiant and a loner until he meets the team and it becomes this little family," Momoa said.


Fans can get much more of Aquaman when Justice League lands in theaters on November 17, 2017.