'Man Of Steel 2' Isn't Coming Anytime Soon

While Superman might return in the upcoming Justice League, fans waiting for a sequel to 2013's [...]

While Superman might return in the upcoming Justice League, fans waiting for a sequel to 2013's Man of Steel they may have a long wait.

In an interview with the New York Times, producer Charles Roven revealed that while "various story ideas" have been discussed for Man of Steel 2, there's no script and the film isn't coming anytime soon, if at all.

The idea that a sequel to the solo Superman movie is up in the air shouldn't come as too much of a surprise to fans considering the limbo the rest of the DC Extended Universe appears to be in. While Aquaman has already been filmed and appears to be on track of it's December 2018 release, other films aren't in the same position. Cyborg's solo film doesn't have a director attached to the project, Flashpoint's future is said to be contingent on the success of Justice League, and the DCEU's Batman, Ben Affleck, has confirmed that he's already considering how to exit the role, though Roven said that Affleck is still connected to the hero's solo film, at least for now.

"From everything I know, he's going to play that Batman," Roven said. "They're retooling the script, so I can't really say anhthing for certain."

However, while Man of Steel 2 may be a little uncertain at the moment, that doesn't mean all hope is lost for a sequel. If Justice League does well -- and the solo films make sense -- fans might eventually get a second round of Superman.

"One of the things that's really important to us with all of these DC movies is making sure that while they make sense, one from the other -- because they're in a certain way linked -- we also want to make sure that the audience is hopefully excited by the fact that you don't know exactly where you're going to go."

Justice League opens this Friday, November 17th.

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