'Justice League of America' Cancelled in April

Steve Orlando's Justice League of America will end in April, the same month Supergirl and Trinity conclude.

The series was previously understood to be "on hiatus" to make room for Justice League: No Justice in May, but DC has reportedly confirmed that the series as it currently exists will end with April's #29.

The Orlando-penned Justice League of America brought together a number of B-list heroes, most of whom were featured on, or variations of characters featured on, the several DC Comics adaptations airing on The CW. The series launched shortly after the beginning of DC's Rebirth initiative, with a series of one-shots that spotlighting individual members.

Orlando has used the series as an opportunity to explore irreverent characters like Lobo, Aztek, and even Promethea.

Orlando, who provided a comment last night confirming Supergirl's cancellation, has remained quiet on Twitter regarding Justice League of America, although suspicions that the series had come to an end were verified by Newsarama.

Two major projects -- the Justice League-fueled No Justice event and Brian Michael Bendis's Superman debut The Man of Steel -- are both launching in May and promise to fundamentally alter the worlds in which those characters run.

DC's upcoming cancelled projects include Trinity, Supergirl, and Super Sons -- all one degree of separation removed from Superman -- and Batgirl and the Birds of Prey, Justice League of America, plus rumors of Titans, Teen Titans, or both, vanishing from the racks. Each of those titles could plausibly be tied to the No Justice event.

Officially, Teen Titans and Titans have not been declared cancelled, with No Justice showrunner and incoming Justice League scribe Scott Snyder explaining via Twitter that "Justice League: No Justice is a mini every week of May, rolling in Justice League, Justice League of America, Teen Titans, and Titans, and spinning out some new books, some new versions of existing books."


By that logic, perhaps there should be no surprise that some of these titles are vanishing...and the bigger surprise will be if they do not reappear with new #1 issues sooner than later.

DC has not yet responded to an e-mail request for comment on titles missing from the May solicitations, and phone calls have gone unanswered.