'Justice League's Ray Fisher Says He Is Not Leaving Cyborg Role

Victor Stone — the DC superhero known as Cyborg — is set to appear in the forthcoming Doom [...]

Victor Stone — the DC superhero known as Cyborg — is set to appear in the forthcoming Doom Patrol series for DC Universe, which means he will be played by two different live-action actors at the same time.

And Ray Fisher, who played Cyborg in Justice League after debuting Victor in a quick cameo during Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice, wants fans to know that just because Joivan Wade has been cast as TV's Cyborg does not mean plans have changed for his own role.

"I don't usually engage the rumor-mill, but it's recent turn may be worth a little grist: I am NOT, nor do I have ANY intention of, leaving Cyborg," Fisher tweeted, using his customary #BorgLife hashtag. "Furthermore, if/when the time comes for me to hangup my all-too-revealing mocap onesie, you will hear it from me directly."

Besides Wade and Fisher, the character of Cyborg is also voiced by Shemar Moore in Warner Bros. Animation's DC Universe animated feature films, and by Khary Payton in Teen Titans Go! and its recent movie adaptation.

DC's TV and movie universes do not share a space, so most fans did not expect the casting for Doom Patrol to include Fisher or impact his role. Still, there is always going to be some rumors rumbling -- especially with the DC movie universe seemingly so up-in-the-air following the commercial failure of Justice League.

While it is uncommon for DC characters to appear simultaneously in two different live-action universes, it is not unheard of. Henry Cavill plays Superman on the big screen while the character occasionally pops up on Supergirl, played by Tyler Hoechlin. Several Suicide Squad-related characters have appeared on Arrow, and while many of them were killed off (seemingly to make way for the big screen version), that is not true of all of them.

And of course, not only is The Flash currently on TV (starring Grant Gustin) while the character appeared (played by Ezra Miller) in Justice League, but Supergirl is reportedly being developed as a feature film at the same time The CW has said that they have no plans to cancel any of the "Arrowverse" shows, including Supergirl.

Fisher is reported to have a major role in the forthcoming The Flash movie, although that may have changed since the movie is reportedly no longer based on the Flashpoint storyline in which the character of Cyborg played a major role.

The Worlds of DC films ahead include Aquaman on Dec. 21st, Wonder Woman 2 on Nov. 1, 2019, Shazam on April 5, 2019, Cyborg in 2020, and Green Lantern Corps in 2020, along with numerous undated films in various stages of development.