Justice League: Release the Snyder Cut Banner Flies Over San Diego Comic-Con

There's been a trend in fandoms lately to rebel against the things that fans don't like in the form of petitions and/or social media movements. However Few of those trends have been as persistent or long-lasting as Justice League's #ReleaseTheSnyderCut.

As proof that the #ReleaseTheSnyderCut movement isn't slowing down, you have have to look no further than the skies over San Diego Comic-Con 2019:

DC fans have been demanding to see Zack Snyder's original version of Justice League for well over year now. The uproar started when Warner Bros. put out the theatrical version of the film, which mixed Snyder's vision with a heavily remixed cut of the film, courtesy of Avengers' Joss Whedon. That Frankenstein ultimately got shredded in reviews and underperformed at the box office, basically derailing all of Warner Bros. plans for a DC Extended Universe. Since then DC Films has been re-thinking its entire approach, going with more standalone focus with its films releases. By all indications it's working, as Aquaman rode a wave of renewed DC movie hyep to a billion-dollar payoff.

If ever there was a place for DC Films to surprise fans with the Snyder Cut, Comic-Con would be the place. Still, despite all of the persistence, and clever marketing ploys like the one seen above, or the many ads for the Snyder Cut being displayed around SDCC, DC/WB had shown no greater likelihood of putting out the Snyder cut of Justice League.

Snyder himself has participated in propelling this trend along. Since he parted ways with Warner Bros., Snyder has been steadily releasing looks at his version of Justice League through his own channels. Big reveals like a young version of Darkseid that was supposed to appear in the movie have kept fans hyped, wishing to see the actual movie they had been invested in since the days of Man of Steel.


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