New Justice League: Release the Snyder Cut Ads Spotted at SDCC

It's been nearly two years since DC and Warner Bros. released Justice League in theaters, but the campaign to have original director Zack Snyder's cut of the film made public has yet to slow down. In fact, it seems to have actually picked up steam in recent months. The hashtag #ReleaseTheSnyderCut has been a movement on Twitter for some time, but the folowers of the campaign have now taken things a step further by paying for ads at San Diego Comic-Con.

It was no secret that the Snyder Cut billboards would be showing up at this year's SDCC event, but no one was sure what form they would take or what information they would contain. That changed earlier this week when one panel of a three-side Snyder Cut bus stop ad was discovered in San Diego.

Now that the convention is in full swing, the other sides of the ad have popped up online, showing off the key information that the members of the campaign want you to know. You can check out the photos of the ad below.

The side that was previously shown online contains quotes from cast and crew members that have spoken out in favor of the Snyder Cut. One of the new sides simply addresses the fact that the Snyder Cut of Justice League is over three and a half hours long. The third side has a long message, explaining to readers what the Snyder Cut movement is all about.


"Did you know Justice League isn't a true Zack Snyder film," asks one side of the bus stop ad. "In the wake of a family tragedy during the final stages of post-production, Zack stepped away from the film and the studio took advantage of that to substantially change his film. One of their many changes includes the removal of over an hour and a half of Zack's already filmed work. The Director's Cut is confirmed to be 3 Hours 34 Mins. Many members of the crew itself have expressed their desire to have Zack Snyder's Director's Cut released."

Neither DC nor Warner Bros. has yet to comment on the Snyder Cut, and none of the upcoming DC films have a presence at Comic-Con this year. So the odds of anyone hearing real information regarding the Snyder Cut remain slim. But that's not deterring this campaign, as it crowdfunded over $20,000 to make these ads come to life.