'Justice League' Winds Down Theatrical Run, Unlikely To Crack $700 Million

It looks like the Justice League's time in theaters is drawing to a close after just over a month in theaters.

The DC Films superhero team-up movie brought together Wonder Woman, Superman, Batman, and more, but it might not past the $700 million mark in box office earnings.

The news comes from Exhibitor Relations, which says the film dropped from over 1,500 theaters this weekend. At this time, the film has made $222 million domestically, with a global haul of $646 million.

(Photo: Exhibitor Relations)

As more and more venues decrease the amount of screens and showtimes, the film is less likely to pass the $700 million mark.

Justice League was the first time DC Comics' most popular heroes teamed together on the big screen, with director Zack Snyder introducing characters like Aquaman, the Flash, and Cyborg for their first substantial appearance in cinemas.

There were lofty expectations for the film, which is rumored to have a budget of around $300 million, but it failed to exceed.

So far, Justice League's $222 million haul stateside is well short of WB's summer success story Wonder Woman, which ended its theatrical run with $412 million. Though Justice League has performed better overseas, it is very unlikely to push past Wonder Woman's global haul of $821 million.

Only one other Warner Bros. movie in this current iteration of DC Comics-based movies failed to make it past the $700 million mark, Snyder's first Superman film Man of Steel which ended its run with $668 million. Justice League will likely finish with comparable returns.

Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice and the Academy Award-winning Suicide Squad both made more than Justice League domestically and globally. Batman v Superman made $330 million stateside for a total of $873 million, while Suicide Squad made $325 domestically with a global haul of $746 million.


Of course, Justice League will continue to take in money, but as theaters start dropping the picture amid the crowded holiday season, it is unlikely to meet the expectations set forth by Warner Bros. executives.

The success of Wonder Woman could mean a shift for DC Films moving forward, focusing on individual stories rather than trying to replicate the success of Marvel Studios. Time will tell how Warner Bros. responds to Justice League's box office performance.