Justice League Tickets On Sale Date Revealed

If you've been waiting to plan your Justice League viewing party, we've got the date to circle on your calendar.

Justice League opens in theaters in late November, but tickets will officially go on sale in late October. To be specific, on October 30th. The date was confirmed by AMC, who responded to someone's question involving a rumor of that date.

When user Alessio Pasquali asked if the 10/30 date was true, AMC responded with "Hi Alessio! The end of October is correct. Thank you so much! -Wes."

Well, there you have it. Now, no specific time was given, but at least now you can plan accordingly in your next budget meeting.

When the movie does finally hit theaters, fans will see a film crafted by two parties. Zack Snyder did the majority of the work on Justice League before he stepped aside due to a tragedy in the family. He handed the baton to Joss Whedon, who brought the film to the finish line, though some reports say that isn't the extent of his work on the project.

Joe Morton, who plays Cyborg's father Silas Stone, had the pleasure of working with both directors during his time on the film and relished the experience.

"I enjoyed working with both directors. Joss Whedon was terrific and so was Zack Snyder," Morton told Gamespot. "Zack is intense about the work. He knows film inside and out. It's very light-hearted and comic book-ish."

Hopefully, all that work will translate into box office success for Justice League, a film that has been at times surrounded by rumors of issues during development.


Early screenings went well, with people who didn't like Batman V Superman coming out of the film pleased, even calling it epic in some instances. There were some "meh" reactions in there as well, but overall the feeling was much more positive.

Fans will find out for themselves when Justice League hits theaters on November 17th.

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