Batman and Wonder Woman Have "Sexual Tension" in 'Justice League'

The latest movie from Warner Bros. and DC Films will finally unite some of the world's greatest [...]

The latest movie from Warner Bros. and DC Films will finally unite some of the world's greatest heroes on screen to go up against the armies of Apokalips.

While there's hardly any time for romance when saving the world is a priority, that won't stop sparks flying between two heroes in Justice League. According to star Ben Affleck, the reshoots made by Joss Whedon added some heat between the Dark Knight and the Princess of Themyscira.

During a conversation with Entertainment Weekly about the new changes, Affleck revealed that Whedon's scenes allowed Batman to "play the dynamics, the sexual tension with Wonder Woman," among other contributions.

So does that mean romance is in the cards for Batman and Wonder Woman? It wouldn't be out of the realm of possibility, more would it be without precedent in other canons and continuities.

The most prominent relationship between the two came during the Justice League and Justice League Unlimited animated series, where Batman even went so far as to sing karaoke about his love for the Amazon princess. Their relationship developed subtly over the course of both series, earning many fans who wanted to see the two paired up in other mediums.

In the comic books, Wonder Woman and Batman briefly considered a relationship in the JLA comic under Joe Kelly's pen. They even shared a kiss in one mission, but ultimately decided it wasn't worth risking their strong friendship to attempt a relationship that might not even work out.

Though the plot line hasn't been picked up, Geoff Johns teased a possible relationship between the two during his New 52 run on Justice League. In Forever Evil, Batman hints that he had a strong connection with Wonder Woman and used that to bring her and the rest of the League out of their imprisonment in the Firestorm Matrix.

Whether or not the Justice League movie builds up to it or not, the characters should first and foremost be strong on their own. Give us strong women and men capable of saving the world through teamwork and friendship before forcing a relationship.

Justice League hits theaters November 17.