Gal Gadot on Her Approach to Wonder Woman in 'Justice League'

The current incarnation of the DC cinematic universe has received its fair share of criticisms, but it seems like everyone can agree that Gal Gadot's role as Wonder Woman has been one of the best parts.

After providing the character's origin in last summer's smash hit Wonder Woman, Gadot had to alter her approach to the character ever so slightly to accommodate for the other heroes in Justice League. In a featurette on the new home release, Gadot revealed what made this version of Wonder Woman unique.

"For me, it was really important that she would be the glue of the team. That we would track the same character that we established in the Wonder Woman movie," said Gadot.

While Bruce Wayne does have his own unique leadership abilities, his personality is somewhat lacking in other areas. The movie goes to show that he can bring someone eager for connection into the fold (The Flash) but is unable to convince others (Aquaman). Diana of Themyscira, however, has an endearing affection that seems to inspire friendship and loyalty.

"One of the most beautiful qualities are the fact that she just cares for people in the most sincere way," Gadot said. "So I made a point out of the importance of Diana being this glue to the team. That she would make each and every one of them, even if it's in small moments, feel stronger and loved and capable."

Gadot's comments are especially relevant in Wonder Woman's relationship with Victor Stone AKA Cyborg, who has retreated from humanity in the wake of his accident. Though he is more powerful after his father bonded his body with a Mother Box to save his life, he is less attached to the people around him.

But Wonder Woman coaxes him out of hiding and encourages him to be a hero, to fight along side her, and to embrace the changes he's been through. That's the part of Diana that carries through from the Wonder Woman solo movie, especially in her relationship with sharpshooter Charlie, who suffers from post-traumatic stress after his time in battle.


Wonder Woman has become the highlight of DC Films, and it's awesome to see the actor and the filmmakers put great care and thought into how she comes across on the big screen across multiple movies.

Justice League is now available on Digital HD.