Justice League Director Zack Snyder Reveals Why He Still Hasn't Watched The Theatrical Cut

The push from fans for Warner Brothers to "Release the Snyder Cut" is as strong as ever. A relentless few have been vocal on social media (and raised quite a bit of money for charity) in an attempt to get Zack Snyder's version of Justice League released to the public after the director parted ways with it before it was completed. Snyder promises, he has since finished his Snyder Cut of Justice League and now is explaining the reason why he has never watched the version of the film which was finished by Avengers director Joss Whedon - people advised against it.

On Vero, a social media app which it seems only Snyder and his fans are using these days, the director fielded some questions from users. He said there are "a few reasons" why he never watched the theatrical cut of Justice League. "People who I trust and who have seen the theatrical cut and the true cut have told me never to watch it." Of course, by "true cut," Snyder is referring to his cut of Justice League.

Will we ever see the Snyder Cut? Who knows. Snyder periodically releases images which get fans excited about the moments he packed into his version of the film but there has been know indication that Warner Brothers has interest in releasing the cut of the film.


As for Warner Bros., they say there is no release of the Snyder Cut imminent at all. But, things could change. Most observers think that HBO Max’s laugh could provide an avenue for release, but until it’s official people will have to wait and see. Maybe there could be a release after all?

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