Katana Wields Her Soulsword In New Sucide Squad Still

Katana Suicide Squad
(Photo: Suicide Squad)

While Joker and Harley Quinn might get the lion's share of the buzz early on, the other members of the Suicide Squad are just biding their time until they can show audiences what they're capable of.

That extends to Karen Fukuhara's Katana. She's been seen briefly in the trailers, but fans are excited to see her really let loose, and she's just as primed for the opportunity as audiences are. She shared a new still from the film with the caption "Katana (@karenfukuhara) waiting to jump into action on the set of @SuicideSquadMovie ! 💥💥💥 📷 @clayenos #suicidesquad"

The actress previously spoke with ComicBook.com about her weapon of choice, which is called the Soul Taker.

"She has her husband's soul in her sword and I got to talk to Maseo throughout the film and yes, of course that's the in the film, but you'll have to wait and see how much of the plays into the movie."

"I was really lucky because I blessed with a really great stunt double and stunt coordinator and they taught me all of the choreography during pre-production," the actress explained. "I was able to do all of my own stunts except for one dive role, but all of my stunts. So, yeah, I got to run on top of a car, I did all of my sword work... It really made a difference when I knew everything from muscle memory and I didn't have to think about it when the cameras were rolling."


I can't wait to see her in action when Suicide Squad hits theatres on August 5th.