Constantine Will Have Naked Scene in 'Legends Of Tomorrow' Season 4

On the new season of Legends of Tomorrow, fans will finally get to see the return of John [...]

On the new season of Legends of Tomorrow, fans will finally get to see the return of John Constantine in a major capacity. But the necromancer will have some lingering issues with former flame and team leader Sara Lance, who isn't prone to putting up with other people's crap.

But Constantine doesn't seem to care much either way. He's always been one to work alone, and with that will come a few housekeeping issues that his bunkmates on the Waverider might get mad about.

While speaking at FanX 2018 in Salt Lake City, Sara Lance actress Caity Lotz spoke teased some awkward encounters with Constantine when Legends of Tomorrow returns to The CW.

"They've actually known each there for a while. Constantine was the one who brought Sara's soul back. They've had a relationship for a while, and he's a unique addition to the team. He comes and he's very much like, he thinks he's god's gift to earth, which he gets checked pretty quick. He just did a scene, I don't know if I can say what it was, but he's naked in the scene."

Lotz's reveal of seeing some of Constantine actor Matt Ryan's skin prompted a reaction from the crowd.

"It's pretty great, his dynamic is the perfect addition to the Legends. And I think you guys will be really excited about the stuff we're doing with him this season," Lotz added.

Co-star Brandon Routh added his own insight, speaking about the relationship between the Atom and Constantine in the new season.

"There's a lot of fun Ray/Constantine stuff, we've had a lot of fun together," Routh said. "Matt's awesome, he's a great addition not only to the show but just to our cast, he fits right in and it's been awesome having him." had the opportunity to speak with Ryan at San Diego Comic-Con where he further teased the impact his character would have on the new season.

"What's great about John in this situation is it's a bunch of characters where we don't know how they'd interact." Ryan said. "So that's being discovered and created. So that's a new, kind of wonderful, angle and dynamic for me as an actor playing John. Kind of discovering those things in the moment."

"Wherever John goes, there's conflict." Ryan continued. "He brings his bag of tricks, but he also brings his emotional baggage with him. And he's someone who, as we know, will sacrifice his best friend for the greater good. So he has his own motives and his own goals. So to bring him into this world, it's like 'What happens?' And that's the most interesting thing about doing this character in this context."

Legends of Tomorrow's Season Four premiere will air on The CW on Monday, October 22nd.