'Legends of Tomorrow' Could Be Bringing Back Jonah Hex

Last summer, Legends of Tomorrow's executive producer Phil Klemmer admitted in an interview that [...]

Last summer, Legends of Tomorrow's executive producer Phil Klemmer admitted in an interview that he'd love to see Jonah Hex appear on The CW series' third season. Now, it seems like that wish just might be coming true.

Earlier today, the show's official Instagram page shared a photo featuring series stars Tala Ashe (Zari,) Maisie Richardson-Sellers (Amaya,) Caity Lotz (Sara,) and Nick Zano (Nate,) decked out in Western wear on what appeared to be a Wild West-inspired set. The caption to the photo was simply a smiley wearing a cowboy hat, hinting that fans could expect to see the Legends heading to the Wild Wet in a future episode. You can check out the photo below.


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While that photo was enough to get some fans wondering if a trip to the Old West might mean Jonah Hex (Jonathon Schaech) might be returning to the series, it was something that Schaech himself posted last week that really got the wheels turning for fans. On Valentine's Day, Schaech updated his Facebook profile picture. This update received a lot of comments from fans, but it was Schaech's reply to one fan that suddenly makes it seem like fans might just see Jonah Hex back with the Legends. A fan commented that all the actor's photo needed was a scar on the right side of the face and it'd be perfect. Schaech responded, "I work on that tomorrow."

As fans may recall, Jonah Hex has is a bounty hunter with a significant scar along the right side of his face. On Legends, he is a friend of Rip Hunter's (Arthur Darvill) and most recently aided the Legends last season in the episode "Outlaw Country" which saw the team head to Liberty, Colorado circa 1874 to deal with an aberration there.

While Schaech's return has Hex hasn't been officially confirmed nor do we have any clear idea about what the Legends will be doing in the Old West this time, ComicBook.com recently had an opportunity to speak with Schaech. When asked what kind of stories he'd like to tell as Hex should he have the opportunity to do another episode on Legends, Schaech said that despite coming from the past, Hex would have a lot to say about current events and that Hex would draw on his own experiences.

"Well, I think Jonah has a lot to say about a lot of things that we're dealing with," Schaech said. "He's a very masculine man, but he's been through enough to understand a lot of what goes on inside. So, anything in history, like what we're dealing with today with our racism problems. God, the crisis that's going on in Hollywood, he wouldn't know how to deal with that. He wouldn't know how to deal with all of the issues of white supremacists, you know. He was raised by Apache Indians, he could be at the front lines of them taking Indian land. I mean, he could really be in every political situation that we're dealing with in today's culture."

Legends of Tomorrow airs Mondays at 8/7c on The CW.