Legends of Tomorrow Teases an Unexpected Complication of "Crisis on Infinite Earths" in "A Head of Her Time"

Tuesday night's episode of DC's Legends of Tomorrow saw the team deal with its latest Encore with [...]

Tuesday night's episode of DC's Legends of Tomorrow saw the team deal with its latest Encore with Marie Antoinette being the villainous figure released from hell to wreak havoc on the world and the timeline. While the team dealt with capturing Marie and preserve the timeline, Constantine was working to figure out how to put a stop to everything by saving Astra Logue, something that led him to speak with the ghost of her dead mother who just so happened to be a powerful witch. It's a chat that revealed a lot of painful truths for Constantine but also may have revealed an interesting complication of the events of "Crisis on Infinite Earths" in the process.

Spoilers for DC's Legends of Tomorrow, "A Head of Her Time", below.

After Constantine (Matt Ryan) finally admitted to himself the truth of, well, a lot of situations that led him to the situation at hand, Astra's mother revealed to him that there was something that might be able to save Astra, something called the Loom of Fate. An item that Constantine believed to be the stuff of legend and fairy tales, the Loom turns out to be a real item and one that Charlie (Maisie Richardson Sellers) happens to be well-acquainted with. It's revealed that Charlie had once been in possession of the Loom, but she destroyed it and scattered its pieces across the Multiverse.

That's right; Charlie said Multiverse and that might be an issue. As fans of The CW's Arrowverse are aware, the Multiverse as they knew it was destroyed by Anti-Matter only for Earth to be reborn as Earth-Prime. A new Multiverse was created at that same time, but as far as the heroes of Earth-Prime know, they are the only world that survived. The idea that the Loom of Fate was scattered across the old Multiverse then presents two possible issues.

The first is that the creation of Earth-Prime may have brought those scattered pieces back together in the "one" existing universe and thus, on Earth-Prime. That, of course, would defeat Charlie's intention of keeping the parts away from each other so that the item could not be remade and thus creates the possibility for the wrong sort of people to get their hands on the powerful device, a scary prospect that is admittedly the most likely situation for the show. Who doesn't like a wild treasure hunt for a powerful artifact? (Yes, we're looking at you Spear of Destiny circa Season 2.)

The second possible issue is one that is a bit more out there, but equally as intriguing. It's possible that the pieces of the Loom are still scattered across the Multiverse, just now it's the new Multiverse that the heroes aren't aware of and, thus don't have access to. If the show were to go down this road in the hunt for the Loom, it would present an opportunity to reopen the Multiverse. Again, while this one seems unlikely, it's an interesting idea.

No matter which direction Legends takes with the Loom and where its parts happen to be, the Loom presents a chance for Constantine to help Astra, something that he fears he will never be able to do even after everything he's done to try making it happen thus far.

"I feel like it's a weird pathology with him," executive producer Phil Klemmer explained previously. "He has to have a little self-flagellation in his life, and he really enjoys his burdens and carries them -- he likes to wear the hair shirt. The most interesting thing for me is if [Astra] and John reached some kind of [deal], it's never going to be redemption for you because I think you've gone through too much to ever go back, but it could be some just personal resolution. And in a weird way, I think that would be the worst thing that could ever happen to him, is just being told that, 'I don't need you, I'm fine.' it's like sort of like Les Misérables when Javert -- it's just like that moment where he jumps off the bridge....I feel like Constantine, that's the bridge jump moment."

DC's Legends of Tomorrow airs on Tuesday nights at 9 p.m. ET/PT, following episodes of The Flash on The CW.