New 'Legends of Tomorrow' Season 4 Trailer Name-Drops Swamp Thing

The latest trailer for Legends of Tomorrow's fourth season has arrived, and it's safe to say that [...]

The latest trailer for Legends of Tomorrow's fourth season has arrived, and it's safe to say that it's quite a lot to take in.

The extended trailer, which you can check out above, previews quite a lot of the season's magical threats, stretching beyond the unicorns and fairy godmothers teased in the early episodes. From the looks of it, this season's "magical fugitives" also include werewolves, a tentacle monster, a homicidal puppet of Martin Stein, and some sort of swamp monster, although not the one that John Constantine (Matt Ryan) remarks that he knows.

While promotional material surrounding Ryan's portrayal of Constantine has teased Swamp Thing in the past, this is still a pretty awesome name-drop. Granted, DC Universe's Swamp Thing TV show might not make a crossover right in the cards, but it still proves to be a bit of cool world-building.

Either way, this trailer very clearly illustrates that Legends' "magical fugitives" will be quite a unique threat, especially as the season goes along.

"It's a combo [of original and established creatures]." co-showrunner Keto Shimizu explained to "There will be some that will be very, vary familiar, but of course with a Legends spin, so not quite the creature you're familiar with but our version of that creature. And then we will do some deep dives into some more obscure creatures, and of course in order to battle this new type of threat, which none of us are magical ourselves, none of us know how to battle these things, we enlist the help of a certain warlock to come join us and help us in that crusade."

"Ironically it made it much darker," co-showrunner Phil Klemmer echoed in a later interview. "It made it much more morally ambiguous. When you're trying to fix history, you can argue about how it needs to be done but you have to fix it. With magical creatures, you're asking big questions like do they belong in our world? Is this really our world to police? We spent a ridiculous amount of time debating morality for a show that's a time-traveling action comedy. Is it fair to put a Minotaur in a cage at the Time Bureau? None of these things exist, but we're asking if a Minotaur has a soul and conscience."

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The season four premiere of Legends of Tomorrow, which is titled "The Virgin Gary", will debut on Monday, October 22nd, at 9/8c on The CW.