Legends of Tomorrow Recap With Spoilers: The Team Gets Famous in "Meet the Legends"

"Crisis on Infinite Earths" is officially in the books, and The CW's Arrowverse definitely looks different because of it. All week, fans have gotten to see exactly what that entails, as shows prepare for their midseason arcs for final farewells. For Legends of Tomorrow, "Crisis" brought the dawn of the show's fifth season, and their proper return was just as wacky and self-aware as you'd expect from the team. Here's what you need to know about tonight's season premiere, "Meet the Legends".


The entire episode is constructed around an in-universe documentary, which aims to take a behind-the-scenes look at the team after they've grown incredibly popular. A montage shows what that popularity has wrought, including Nate doing Japanese commercials, Mona posing for PETA-like ads, and Mick presenting Best Picture at the Oscars. The documentary's narrator, Kevin Harris, introduces the film.

Ava takes the camera crew throughout the Waverider, which she has had to take ownership of after the Time Bureau shut down. Ava has to convince Congress to not impound the Waverider, which is part of why she's agreed to do the documentary to boost public persona. Nate is interviewed, and explains why he was too busy - and too preoccupied with his brief death at Heyworld - to participate in the crossover. Behrad is interviewed, and talks about being from the future. He goes to a hospital where the baby version of himself has just been born. Charlie is interviewed, and questions why she's still part of the team now that they're famous, as she leaves in a jumpship. Mona is interviewed, and reveals that she's now Rebecca Silver's literary agent.

Ava reveals that Sara doesn't know about the documentary yet, and throws a welcome home party for the team in order to tell her. Sara is not happy about the documentary, and storms off. As the team visits the Temporal Zone, Ray explains how his image is still recovering after what happened with Neron. The Waverider, which has been glitching recently, experiences a time quake, which leads them to 1917 Russia. They arrive to find Rasputin's funeral, only to find him reanimating as a zombie. Sara tries to lead the team to figure out what to do, but they are distracted by the documentary. Mona suggests that Ava write Sara a condolence card about Oliver's death. Ray, Nate, and Mona try to decide what to name the evil people coming back to life in history, and decide on "Encores".

Behrad gives Sara a Lord Mesa drawing of herself, Laurel, and Oliver, which prompts Sara to say that condolence cards are lame -- just as Ava's about to bring her hers. Ava decides that her priority should be trying to fix the Rasputin situation. The team realizes that Rasputin came back to get revenge on the person who killed him, Yusupov, but they each take completely different approaches on how to do so.

Ray and Nate arrive at Rasputin's manor, just as Yusapov is killed. Nate pretends that he's interviewing Rasputin, which wins him over. Ava decides to try to snipe Rasputin, but Ray turns into Atom-sized and jams her gun. Mona forges a love letter for Rasputin and Mick intercepts it, complimenting on her writing. Nate is hypnotized by Rasputin, which makes him realize that he's started to miss Zari. Ava tries to fire as Rasputin and misses, and the team fights him off.

Sara gets upset after watching footage of the team trying and failing to fight Rasputin. She vents to them about what happened during "Crisis", and how the documentary crew has prevented her from processing it with the team. Nate tells Behrad about the woman Rasputin made him see, and they suggest that he and Gideon are both experiencing data from a parallel universe. As they tell Sara, they happen to see video feed of the documentary crew with Rasputin -- who has decided to assassinate the Romanoffs.

Sara and Behrad go undercover as Rasputin tries to enact his plan, and he hypnotizes Behrad and sicks his goons on Sara. Ava pretends to be Anastasia Romanoff, which leads her and the rest of the team into the fight. She then apologizes to Sara for how things went earlier, just as Rasputin hypnotizes Nate, Mick, and Mona. Ray shrinks and enters Rasputin's stomach, only to embiggen and explode him. The Legends then store his remains in a series of jars on the Waverider, as Nate begins to guess who the woman is he's thinking of.

The documentary screens in front of an excited crowd, and the Legends do a panel after the screening. Ava quickly claims that the documentary is all fake, which the rest of the team quickly echoes. They get back on the Waverider, and Mick reveals that he stole a Faberge egg from Rasputin, which is worth millions of dollars.

Mick later gives Mona the Rebecca Silver franchise, which she gladly accepts. She then decides that she needs to leave the Waverider in order to be Rebecca Silver. Nate runs a test on Gideon, which proves that Zari existed.

Other tidbits from the episode include:

  • Gary is interviewed, and tries to excuse his brief turn to villainy last season. He then reveals that he's now Constantine's apprentice. They are called to an exorcism of a young boy, who ends up being possessed by one of John's old friends. John asks the friend if Astra is the one releasing everyone from Hell, and he confirms it. John then exorcises the demon from the kid, and tells Gary to warn the Legends about Astra. Constantine later returns to the Waverider and drinks all of Rasputin's remains, so that he can successfully travel back to Hell.


Legends of Tomorrow airs Tuesdays at 9/8c on The CW.