The LEGO Batman Movie Star Would "Jump" at the Chance to Do a Sequel

Back in 2017, The LEGO Batman Movie was a big hit with critics and audiences, sitting at 90% positive reviews on aggregator site Rotten Tomatoes and taking in $312 million worldwide, with star Michael Cera, who played Robin in the film, expressing his excitement at possibly returning for a sequel. Hollywood rarely shies away from delivering audiences the continued adventures of a franchise that becomes even moderately successful, leading audiences to wonder what the delay has been on an official word that a sequel was being developed, with recent reports claiming that various studios are attempting to acquire rights to the LEGO franchise, possibly stagnating any potential sequel moving forward.

"I'd be so interested in it. I haven't heard anything about it, but I would love that. It was such a great process working on that, and I'm such a fan of those LEGO movies in general," Cera shared with "I was so excited to be in that, because I really loved the first LEGO movie, so I would jump at that, but I haven't heard anything. Who knows, now that everything, every project going forward will probably be an animated one, so maybe it will happen."

One of the last updates on the project came from director Chris McKay back in 2018 when he claimed on Twitter that he was "working on" the Batman sequel, though he also noted that the character had a strong presence in the LEGO Movie sequel, which hit theaters in 2019. While that film earned positive reviews from critics, it failed to capture the financial success of its predecessors, which possibly contributed to the stagnation of the franchise.

Despite no reports about a potential sequel emerging in recent years, McKay previously teased that the LEGO franchise had a lot of worlds to be explored with subsequent films.

"Everyone says this, but for lack of a better phrase, there's a LEGO cinematic universe that we're building that has a sci-fi premise, as far as the world that the movies are taking place in for the majority of the running time, and the other worlds that are out there," McKay revealed back in 2017. "I think over the course of the movies, we're building out the relationship between those. There's no mandate necessarily to do that, but we are very actively working to find all of the rules and develop that relationship between the real world and the LEGO world."


Stay tuned for details on the possible future of the LEGO Batman series.

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