Twitter Goes Wild for That Jaw-Dropping 'Lucifer' Kiss

Lucifer got cozy with his new beau last night, and Twitter just couldn't handle it!The newest [...]

Lucifer got cozy with his new beau last night, and Twitter just couldn't handle it!

The newest episode of FOX's Vertigo Comics-inspired series, Lucifer (Tom Ellis) and Marcus Pierce (Tom Welling) had to go deep undercover in a high-end neighborhood, pretending to be a married couple who just moved in. While the duo were trying to discover about the identity of a killer, and Lucifer was attempting to learn more about Pierce's curse, they began fighting like a married couple.

After Lucifer stormed away from a neighborhood barbecue, he returned to make up with his fake husband. The two had a heartfelt conversation in front of all of their neighbors, in which they talked about understanding each other on an eternal level. Of course, while they referred to their curses from God above, those in attendance thought they were speaking about their marriage.

In order to keep up their cover, Lucifer ended the conversation by laying a dynamite kiss on Pierce. As you can imagine, Twitter LOVED it.

There were plenty of fans online that just adored the moment more than they could describe. On the other hand, some viewers found themselves offended by the kiss, and the folks on Twitter had plenty to say to those people, too.

Of course, there were those Lucifer fans that wished Chloe could be on the receiving end of Lucifer's embrace. While they still loved the kiss with Pierce, many have been pulling for a relationship between Chloe and Lucifer since Day 1.

No matter how you felt about the kiss, don't expect another one any time soon. The marriage between Lucifer and Pierce was just for show, and the mission they were working on has now come to an end. Sadly, that means this marriage was simply a one week affair.

New episodes of Lucifer air every Monday night at 8pm ET on FOX.