Lucifer Showrunner Says Save Lucifer Campaign Won't Reverse Final Season On Netflix Decision

Lucifer's fifth and final season is coming soon, and fans have already started wondering whether [...]

Lucifer's fifth and final season is coming soon, and fans have already started wondering whether "the end" is the end showrunners want, or whether they should begin mobilizing to try and save the show for a second time. Now, executive producer Ildy Modrovich promises fans that they are happy with the plan for the end of the show -- and that fan objections to the series' end won't change anything. In a statement released via Twitter, Modrovich said that she and co-showrunner Joe Henderson, as well as Warner Bros. Television and Netflix, know exactly how passionate the fans are, and that is why they chose to announce that "fifth and final season" the way they did.

Lucifer, an adaptation of the DC/Vertigo series set in the world of Neil Gaiman's Sandman comics, centers on the titular devil, who has taken some time away from ruling hell to live a glamorous life on Earth. In the TV adaptation, his powers of persuasion and perception become handy when he is recruited by an attractive Los Angeles police officer to help her close difficult cases. The series ran for three seasons on FOX before being cancelled in a move so surprising that they had actually already shot two episodes planned to air during the fourth season before the announcement.

Fans took to social media and made a lot of noise, leading to the show being rescued by Netflix, who recently aired a fourth season. Fans wondered briefly if that was it, but it was not long before a fifth season was announced -- with the caveat that five would be the endgame. Modrovich today took to Twitter with a message for the fans who were upset or ready to charge into action as a result.

If you for whatever reason cannot get the image to load, here's the statement: "Hello beloved Lucifam! We know where's been a lot of confusion over the recent announcement that this is our last season. Many are wondering if they should fight for more?? And while we feel just as sad as many of you do that this marvelous ride is coming to an end, a fight won't change things right now. But we spoke to our partners at Netflix and Warner Bros., and you should all know TREMENDOUS care and consideration was put into making this decision. In fact, the whole reason they decided to announce that it was our fifth and final season simultaneously is because they know how devoted and passionate our fans (and we!) are and wanted to give y'all (and us!) as much time as they could to accept and process the news. And for that we're incredibly grateful. But mostly, we're all beyond grateful that they gave us this new life in the first place. AND a chance to give this story the ending it deserves. And, of course…none of that would have EVER happened if it weren't for YOU. We can truly never thank you enough for that. This has been and will continue to be an incredibly beautiful and unique experience. So, on behalf of the cast and Joe and I…we look forward to spending this final season basking in the Luci-love with you!!"

Vertigo, the imprint that published Lucifer and has been the home to Sandman and other critically-acclaimed mature readers comics at DC since 1993, will be retired at the end of this year to make way for what DC believes is a more intuitive system for distiribution. The model, which sees comics divided by age into DC Kids, DC, and DC Black Label, will also spell the end of the recently-launched DC Zoom and DC Ink imprints. iZombie, a TV series that carries the Vertigo label, will end in just a few weeks, making it likely that The Kitchen -- a feature film based on a Vertigo title -- will be the final multimedia project branded with the Vertigo logo, unless Lucifer's fifth and final season for some reason retains it.

Lucifer's final season will go back into production soon and will likely drop on Netflix in 2020.