Did You Catch 'Lucifer's Recent Nod to Wolverine?

Lucifer may come from the pages of Vertigo, an imprint of DC Comics, but that didn't stop the show from referencing one of Marvel's most popular heroes.

Just a couple of minutes into Monday night's new episode, the series made a very clear nod to the ever-healing mutant Wolverine.

This season, Lucifer introduced fans to the Biblical figure of Cain, played by Smallville star Tom Welling. The character was cursed by God after murdering his brother Abel, and was sentenced to eternal life on Earth. As Cain (who now goes by Marcus Pierce) explains to Lucifer, he has tried killing himself in just about every way he can think of, attempting to end his suffering.

"Whatever I do I just re-grow," Pierce noted in the episode.

This is where things start to get interesting, and you can probably see how Wolverine gets worked into the conversation. Lucifer, trying to understand the curse, then asked Pierce, if he were to be cut in half, would both sides grow back.

"No, only one side would heal," Pierce began to explain. "See I call it the master molecule theory-"

Pierce was cut-off by an interrupting Lucifer, who used Marvel comics to understand just how his counterpart regenerates. "Yes, yes. Wolverine rules, I get it."

Just as Pierce does on Lucifer, Wolverine re-grows the cells that are damaged in battle. He's not indestructible like other characters, as he can be hurt and feel pain. He simply heals himself after that pain is inflicted.

New episodes of Lucifer air every Monday night on FOX at 8pm ET.