Manu Bennett Teases Why Deathstroke Is Returning To Arrow

Yesterday, the Internet went crazy after Stephen Amell posted a photo of him sitting with a very [...]

Yesterday, the Internet went crazy after Stephen Amell posted a photo of him sitting with a very familiar character. The actor shared a picture of him sitting on a bench beside Deathstroke. Of course, fans were excited to see the pair reunited, and Manu Bennett is sharing why Deathstroke will return to Arrow.

Taking to Facebook, Manu posted a mashed-up meme that explains the return of Deathstroke. The actor used the photo that Stephen shared yesterday and photoshopped a text bubble onto the picture that reads, "Why are you back Slade??" However, Stephen never gets an answer to the question as Deathstroke brings his sword to the actor's head. Manu covered the 'gory' scene with a red star that says "SLICE," teasing fans that Deathstroke is more than ready to take a swing at Stephen on-screen.

The actor had little to say about the picture save for a few hashtag comments on Facebook. Manu said the question was a stupid one, teasing fans who've been curious about the villain's return. After all, Deathstroke has one very singular goal when it comes to Arrow - Destroy Oliver Queen.

So far, fans believe it's most likely that Deathstroke will appear in the one hundredth episode of Arrow. We already know that Jamey Sheridan (Robert Queen) and Laurel Lance (Katie Cassidy) will reprise their roles in the episode, so it makes sense that another special guest may come courtesy of Manu Bennett.

The last time audiences saw Deathstroke on Arrow, the villain was held up on Lian Yu in a prison. The villain appeared briefly in Season 3, a fact that Manu Bennett has vocally criticized. The actor has bemoaned the character's fate and said the show took Deathstroke in "the wrong direction."

So, who knows? Maybe the upcoming Arrow episode will introduce viewers to a more vicious version of the DC Comics assassin.

Of course, Deathstroke has gotten a lot of press as of late. The character's popularity blew up after sources confirmed Joe Manganiello would play the villain in Ben Affleck's solo Batman flick. Manu Bennett even reacted to the casting news on Twitter where he jokingly said he wanted a role in Magic Mike if Joe was taking on Deathstroke.

As Arrow prepares for Season 5, it's one hundredth episode will be executive produced by Marc Guggenheim who called the project "a love letter to the show." Fans are wondering how the much-anticipated episode will roll out these long-gone characters and whether The Flash's 'Flashpoint' storyline will make the revivals possible.

Arrow will return on Wednesday, October 5 2016 on The CW.

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