Melissa Benoist Teases Lena Luthor and Cadmus's Roles on Supergirl Season 2

For any great hero to truly shine, they need great villains to go toe-to-toe with. While Supergirl season one played around with some lesser-known villains like Indigo and Reactron, season two of the series, now on The CW, brings in some names every comic book fan knows like Metallo, Luthor (but not that one), and Cadmus. Star Melissa Benoist is excited to explore these new characters and organizations, and has some others in mind for the future of the show.

Lena Luthor (played by Katie McGrath) comes to National City not as a foe, but as someone trying to either escape from or redeem the Luthor name. It's heavily implied that her brother Lex has been doing some nefarious things, and directly said that he's now serving time for his schemes.

"Lena has come to National City to rebrand her brother's company and to rebrand it in the name of good," Benoist told "She wants to change the world for the better."

Indeed, in the premiere episode, we'll see Kara (in civilian ID) and Lena interact for the first time with surprising results. Of course, that doesn't mean we should expect the pair to go skipping into the sunset hand-in-hand anytime soon, she cautioned.

"That being said, obviously, it's hard for anyone in the house of El to trust a Luthor and I think Clark and Kara are both very aware of that, but I think Kara and Lena's relationship is a very interesting one, and one that we're still figuring out," the actress teased. "I think it's definitely going to pose some challanges and, I don't know... It's a good relationship I think people will really be interested in."

(Photo: The CW)

That's not the only wrench being thrown into the Supergirl machine this season. The mysterious organization Cadmus stands fully revealed this year, and very early on will play an important role in the story.

"Cadmus is pretty prevalent right away, and they're causing a lot of trouble from the get go in season two," Benoist said. "They did kind of go from this villainous outside threat to now being very vocal; they want to mess with her life even more." The actress described them as "really scary, a really ominous threat," and promised we'll "see quite a bit of them" from the beginning and throughout the season.

As for who else she'd like to see come to Supergirl? Benoist wants one of Superman's biggest villains to make an appearance.


"I know we had Indigo last season, but I love Braniac. I think he's a great villain that I would love to see [on the show]," Benoist said.

Supergirl season two kicks off at 8 p.m. Monday night on The CW.