New Batmobile Drawing Comparisons To Fast And Furious Movies

Matt Reeves set the internet on fire once more after he revealed the first look at Robert Pattinson's new Batmobile from his upcoming Batman film, though some are getting Fast & Furious vibes. Just like the first reveal of the Bat-suit, the Batmobile can be seen in a dimly lit environment, so it's hard to make out some of the details on the vehicle. That said, you can see the overall design of the car thanks to its red brake lights and a light under the roof that illuminates the custom engine, which has received a serious upgrade. That said, many on social media are comparing it to something out of the Fast & Furious franchise more than any Batmobile before it, a vehicle that Dom Toretto would love.

The reactions make a good point actually, though the jury is out until we see the full lighted photos of the vehicle. As of now, it looks pretty plain, with an all-black paint job, as the only color is provided by the red lights. It appears a lot like Toretto's Chevelle, though it could also be a Dodge Challenger.

Either way, it's received a big upgrade, but it doesn't really seem like a vehicle someone like Batman, who has immense wealth and technology at his disposal, would choose to drive. It seems much more up Dom's avenue, and we've collected some of the best reactions and comparisons below.

"The new Batmobile looks like it was stolen off the set of a Fast & Furious movie. I dig it. #TheBatman"'

Ah man I’m not feeling this Batmobile. Fast 9 stunt car.

"Thoughts on the new batmobile. It looks like back to the future meets mad max meets fast and furious.
I’m down for different takes on Batman but this seems like a step back, a downgrade. sorry but I don’t want to settle for this like others will."

"Who drives the car? Dominic Toreto? It looks like more Fast and Furious car than a Batmobile 😩"

"the batmobile is supposed to make you feel fear, i think i saw this car in last year fast and furious lol"

"Pattinson’s looks like a Fast & Furious car not a batmobile to me. I can’t wait to see it in action though"

"It's way too low budget, looks like a Fast & Furious contraption not a Batmobile."


"(Chris) Hate to be negative about #TheBatman, but this batmobile is rather pedestrian, too Fast & Furious. I see the '66 batmobile's bones, but send this over to American Chopper for fun bat flair. Still looking forward to the movie"

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