'Nightwing' Director Offers Update on Film's Production

Like many things in the film world, the first update on the Nightwing movie comes with both good and bad news.

Director Chris McKay has long been teasing that he would offer some kind of insight to the film's production around Valentine's Day. Many fans were hoping this would mean a casting announcement.

On Thursday night, McKay offered his update a little early and, while the tease was exciting, it wasn't exactly what everyone was expecting.

"Hi! Some early VDay news: Nightwing script expected very soon," the director said in a tweet. "Working on rip-o-matic to show studio. This is going to be a LONG process. So don't expect casting news any time soon. We are taking our time. Expect big things from DC, Geoff Johns and WB team! Exciting year ahead!!"

So, the good news is that everything with the Nightwing solo movie is going along just fine. The studio knows where it wants to go with it and the script is almost finished. Those are definitely good signs.

The bad news is that casting information isn't coming any time soon. It will still be a while before we learn who could play Dick Grayson, or what kind of actor the studio is even looking for to fill the role.

While the director didn't offer any casting details, he did open the floor up to fans of the comics. He asked his followers what they would look for in an actor if they were the ones casting Dick Grayson.


McKay tweeted out a poll with four options: Recognizable Movie Star, Badass Martial Artist, Romani, and Vulnerable/Emotional. Fans can choose which quality of the character is most important to them. At the time of writing this article, the "Martial Artist" option was winning the poll, controlling almost 50 percent of the overall vote.

Hopefully McKay will offer another update soon, and we'll get just a little more information about the anticipated project.