'Nightwing' Writer On If Dick Grayson Name Change Will Be Permanent

Nightwing has had a rough time of things in the comics. For years, Dick Grayson struggled to step out from Batman's dark shadow, and it seems the hero is having an identity crisis as of late.

After all, Nightwing is going by a totally new name, and the writer behind the change is opening up on whether the turn will be permanent.

For those of you unaware, Dick is operating under a very new name. After being shot in the head, a bout of amnesia has taken over Nightwing's past, and he's chosen to live under the name Ric Grayson for now. So, when writer Scott Lobdell sat down with Newsarama to talk about Nightwing, he was asked if the name change would stick.

However, it seems like fans will have to keep reading the Nightwing run to see how the identity debacle plays out.

"Ric doesn't have any emotional connection to Dick, so he'd rather go by a name he's chosen for himself. And we'll show you the reason he chose the name in the book," Lobdell hinted.

If you've checked out the new issue of Nightwing, you will see why Ric decided to bypass his old name. Issue 51 follows a totally different Nightwing as he's lost all his memories and superhero skills. With his life thrown into turmoil, Ric finds himself uncomfortable going by Dick as he feels so separate from the person he once was, and a new name gives Nightwing the chance to start over.

Nightwing #51 is written by Lobdell with Fabian Nicieza with art by Travis Moore and Gary Brown along with colors by Hi-Fi and Nick Filardi. You can check out its description below and keep up with the series weekly via DC Comics:


"And while Nightwing struggles to uncover the truth behind the "fear germ" that is killing people in their sleep, he must also try to overcome his own sudden struggles with heights and vertigo. He has lost his primary skill set as a hero and will have to focus on his brilliance as a detective instead. And a distracting love triangle certainly isn't helping him focus...This new storyline spins out of events in BATMAN #55. Don't miss the start of a new direction in Nightwing's crimefighting career!"

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