One of iZombie's Longest-Dangling Plots Will Be Resolved This Season

Fans have not seen Liv's mother Eva Moore (Molly Hagan) and her brother Evan (Nick Purcha) since the start of season two, when they pointedly kicked Liv out of their lives -- but that will change as the show heads into its home stretch, according to series star Rose McIver. During an interview on the set of the show's final season, McIver told reporters that she can confirm the returns of her character's mother and brother, and suggested that explanations will be coming.

"I'm allowed to say that, yeah," McIver said. "I've spoken to Rob Thomas about it, but yes we do see them and it's worth the wait. I had some massive unanswered questions around that whole thing obviously, and it's really really clear about the way they put them back in and the reasons for absence and everything. I promise it's worth it." She added that the return was as jarring for her as Rose as it likely will be for Liv. "They probably let Nick grow up about 20 years, the guy who plays Evan," she joked. "He's like a giant, strapping man now, he was my teenage brother."

At the end of the show's first season, a bomb ripped through Blaine DeBeers's butcher shop Meat Cute, nearly killing Evan in the process. He needed a blood transfusion, and Liv's mother turned to her, since her kids were a match, but season two began with the family fractured by Liv's refusal to donate blood to her brother. At the time, not onl did her family not know she was a zombie, but they did not know that zombies were a thing that existed. Both Eva and Evan gave Liv the cold shoulder -- and she understood, since she could not tell them why she had rolled the dice on letting her brother die.

Now, it seems that storyline will finally be resolved -- and given the nature of New Seattle, it seems safe to assume the pair know that she is, and has been, a zombie, which should make the conversation very different than it would have been before.

iZombie airs on Thursday nights at 8 p.m. ET/PT on The CW.



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