Original Animated Teen Titans Returning For 'Teen Titans Go! vs. Teen Titans'

It looks like the original animated Teen Titans are coming back to the screen in a brand new [...]

It looks like the original animated Teen Titans are coming back to the screen in a brand new project to take on the crew of Teen Titans GO!.

The end credits scene of Teen Titans GO To The Movies teased fans with the return of the original animated Titans, which featured a more adult and anime-esque animation style. Some fans initially thought that meant the series would return for a new season, but it seems they won't be doing that, at least right now. They will, however, be returning in a brand new project called Teen Titans GO! VS Teen Titans, and a new teaser has surfaced for the movie online.

The trailer seems to be on next week's Blu-ray release of Teen Titans GO To The Movies, which shows the intros of both shows intermingled until the full title is shown at the end. This isn't a fake either, as Warner Bros. has confirmed that the trailer is real and that the project will hit sometime in 2019, but no exact date was given.

Now, it isn't known exactly what this project is. It could be an upcoming expanded episode of Teen Titans GO!, or a fully featured film like Teen Titans GO To The Movies. Hopefully, we'll learn more soon.

That original end credits scene featured a blurry transmission, and you can hear Beast Boy say "is it working?" Starfire then adds "Hurry, there is not much time", while Raven says "They need to know we're still here".

The picture starts to become clearer as flashes of the original animated Titans are shown, followed by Robin's face close to the camera. He backs away and says "This is the Teen Titans. Can anyone hear us? We think we may have found a way back."

It seems they finally did, and we couldn't be happier about it.

Teen Titans ran from 2003 to 2006 and took a more adult approach to their storylines and characters, more akin to Batman the Animated Series but not quite as dark. It definitely built up a fan base before it was cancelled, paving the way for the more humorous take on the team Teen Titans GO!. Now they are converging, and who knows, if this does well perhaps they will get another season of the show as well?

We'll keep you updated as we know more. In the meantime, Teen Titans GO! To The Movies hits home video next week.

H/T io9